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Catering is an advantage we have over many other restaurants in San Antonio. Many restaurants are willing to provide a space for you to gather for business meetings and other events, but not many are willing to go out of their way to deliver, setup and make sure you have the best catering experience possible. Because we care so much about what our clients receive, we’ve put together a list of the best attributes every catering company should provide for their customers. In our previous post, we gave readers some insight how every great catering company should be creative, flexible and have great leadership. Here are more interesting attributes every caterer should have:


  1. Motivation. If the catering company you hire doesn’t have motivation, your event won’t be as great as it could have been. Caterers are expected to be proactive and enthusiastic to not only promote business themselves, but to provide their guests with a happy and delightful experience. Stamina is also another great trait your caterer should have; without it, they won’t be able to keep chugging along when work-weeks become longer and hours start to stack.
  2. Financial planning. Though you may not think that financial planning is an attribute you should worry about when choosing a catering company, it is! Why? Well, there are often very busy periods and when business is only trickling in. Caterers have to figure out a way to stay on top and afloat when business is slow. This way, they can be there during the busiest catering dates of the year, and more importantly, when you need them most!

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Where do you think you’re going? If you’re planning an event and need a caterer, feel free to reach out to us online now! Otherwise, stay tuned for more great information about attributes that make up a great caterer: Business Management and Marketing.

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