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Catering is a service that many individuals rely on for many different reasons. Whether you are an individual who is throwing a huge event or a small meeting for your company, a catering company can be of service to you. But when you hire a catering company, do you know what makes a good caterer?catering san antonio

10 Attributes That Make Up a Great Caterer

  1. Cooking. Think about it; when you order catering, you expect delicious and beautiful food. No matter how amazing the venue of the event is, clients won’t want to return to another event thrown by you if the catering is subpar. Cooking takes experience. After all, the caterer will plan the menu, safely prepare the food and then reheat and transport a large amount of this food to your event without any complications.
  2. Food safety. A catering company and their entire staff should be well aware of, and comply with, all of the most up-to-date food safety laws. In fact, The Food and Drug Administration, the company in charge of food safety regulartion within the United States, allows you to find your agency at for further training and information. A great caterer will understand all of these codes.
  3. Customer service. Although many people think that a caterer is behind the scenes cooking, most of their job is to work with clients designing a menu their guests will love. After the menu is designed and food is cooked, the caterer will then tactfully serve the client and their guests food. It’s vital that a great caterer is a good communicator and has people skills to run a successful event.

Don’t go anywhere just yet! Our catering company has more great attributes that make up a great caterer. Stay tuned for our next blog: We’re Creative, Flexible and Have Leadership.

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