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  1. Business Management and Marketing

    Many individuals don’t realize how complicated running a catering company can become. Truly, it’s an art form that so many people enjoy, but don’t take the time to understand what it takes to make a powerful and lasting business. If you’re looking for a catering company that can provide your event with wonderful food, it’s time you know a little bit about what makes a great catering com…Read More

  2. Motivation Is Key To A Successful Catering Company

    Catering is an advantage we have over many other restaurants in San Antonio. Many restaurants are willing to provide a space for you to gather for business meetings and other events, but not many are willing to go out of their way to deliver, setup and make sure you have the best catering experience possible. Because we care so much about what our clients receive, we’ve put together a list of t…Read More

  3. Stay Creative and Offer Quality Leadership

    Catering an event makes life easier in many instances. Whether you’re getting married and would like a stress-free reception or you’re planning a business meeting and want all of your employees to be full and happy, catering is perfect for many events. In our previous post, we started providing readers with the factors that make a good caterer. In our eyes, a good caterer will provide you wit…Read More

  4. What Makes a Great Caterer?

    Catering is a service that many individuals rely on for many different reasons. Whether you are an individual who is throwing a huge event or a small meeting for your company, a catering company can be of service to you. But when you hire a catering company, do you know what makes a good caterer? 10 Attributes That Make Up a Great Caterer Cooking. Think about it; when you order catering, you expe…Read More

  5. Allow Guests To Remember Your Event

    Are you in charge of planning a corporate event? If so, don’t let the stress of food get you down. With the help of San Antonios leading catering team, Simply Mangolious, we know you’ll throw the event that everyone will be talking about. One thing that many folks think they can go without is professional catering, but if you’ve been following our previous blog posts, then you already know t…Read More

  6. Benefits of Hiring A Caterer for Corporate Events

    Catering is an easy and stress-free service that can make your life much easier when hosting a corporate event. The professionals behind the scenes at Simply Magnolious in San Antonio know exactly how to serve the guests at a corporate event, making your company look even more professional that you thought was possible. If you’ve been following our blog series, then you already know that hiring …Read More

  7. Advantages of Hiring a Caterer

    At Simply Magnolious we pride ourselves in providing companies with the best catering services available in the San Antonio area. With years of dedication to our clients with an unstoppable catering service, we know that our work can give your company the relaxed yet professional feel you want. But why do we recommend you choose to have your corporate event catered by our company, Simply Magnoliou…Read More

  8. Welcome To Simply Magnolious!

    Welcome to Simply Magnolious, San Antonio’s most trusted catering company. Many people read our name and they think to themselves, “What does “Magnolious” mean?” We wanted to create a catering company that could be both magnificent and fabulous, and to us, Magnolious is just that! We put pride into every dish that we make from scratch, and truly it’s the customers who call upon us dail…Read More

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